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To watch a little plant growing and flourishing to its potential, we must nourish a plant by giving adequate amounts of water daily & adding extra soil nutrition which can make the plant grow to its optimum growth. Keeping this same idea of nurturing and understanding an investment of a so called nested egg, we must watch an investment growing and becoming a life-long income with lucrative profits by creating a stock portfolio and keeping track of investments on a daily basis with careful attention to any changes. If you own several stock holdings—more than two, --then you will want to keep track of those stocks as efficiently as possible by creating a stock portfolio. Even if you are beginner or pro and willing to learn investment strategies, you can create a dummy portfolio and apply all the investment techniques and strategies to find out your ability to succeed in investing without losing any initial investment.

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C. You can add as many as stocks you want in same portfolio or add different stock under different portfolio. That’s all you need to do and rest of gains or losses will be calculated by system portfolio itself. If you have a question regarding Portfolio please feel free to email us at webmaster@bdstock.com
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