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CSE-ASP 1586.65,-6.34; CSE-30  1457.71,-2.888; DGEN 950.5366, -5.3547; DSE-20 1200.1672; BOL 24.5; UCBL 279.5; MAQEN 19.25; PADCM 4.0; SQTEX 41.6; PDTEX 14.1; HBCM 513.10; SBL 168.0; MHGAR 22.5; ISN 13.6; ISBNK 2600.0 FWCR 107.25; FWFD 11.2; CHTEX 3.2, RHBAL 4.6; CNFCM 130.0; OBL 168.5; ACI 66.0; SEBNK 233.0; ALBL 1640.0, LSCM 121.0; MNFAB 80.0; BXPH 37.5; BHL 7.5; IOL 14.9

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Today's market
Top 10 Gainers
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Top 10 Most Actives

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Investing in stock market is help out a company in business which leads to help out of poverty.

Welcome to BDSTOCK Message Board to express  your thoughts or ideas or opinions on investing, news, trade issues of Dhaka stock exchange or Chittagong stock exchange.

  • You can discuss financial-related information, views, opinions, and the recommendations of individuals and organizations.

  • The "rules of the road" are fairly simple in principle. Conduct yourself generally as you would at a gathering where polite people might attend. Watch your language. Avoid rudeness and flame wars. Stay on topic and stick to posts relevant to the board on which you are participating. Otherwise, behave legally, morally and ethically.

  • You are completely responsible for your own investment decisions and who and what you believe on the boards. The boards are designed to help you gain the information edge you need to help you make your own decisions. You are responsible for properly analyzing and verifying any information you choose to rely upon.

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