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Social and economic empowerment of poor women’ by creating strong economic and social resource bases. SHAKTI FOUNDATION for disadvantaged women

ICDDR,B is the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Bangladesh - an international health research institution located in Dhaka. Dedicated to saving lives through research and treatment, ICDDR,B addresses some of the most critical health concerns facing the world today, ranging from improving neonatal survival to HIV/AIDS. In collaboration with academic and research institutions throughout the world, ICDDR,B conducts research, training and extension activities, as well as programme-based activities, to develop and share knowledge for global lifesaving solutions. the International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research

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The Sri Lanka Textile & Apparel Industry is booming...
Newer Investments happening in the sector....
Sri Lanka is gearing up to race with its South Asian neighbours in its Apparel Exports...
We bring to you the perfect platform to showcase your new technology & machineries in Sri Lanka and be a part of the ever-expanding Textile & Apparel sector of Sri Lanka...
CEMS India invites you to participate in the biggest International Textile & Apparel Technology and Machinery Exhibition of Sri Lanka which is seeing newer investments in its Textile & Apparel Industry :


Textech Srilanka


Textech Sri Lanka 2010 International Expo

Sri Lanka’s International Exhibition on Textile & Apparel Technology, Machinery & Related Services



Date                 :   4 ~ 6  MARCH 2010

Venue                   :   Sri Lanka Exhibition & Convention Centre (SLECC), ColomboSri Lanka

Opening Hours:   10.30 am to 6.30 pm    

Frequency           :    Annual                             

Open to               :   Business  / Trade Visitors

Website            :   Visit Official Textech Sri Lanka 2010 Website


Event Profile

CEMS-Global in 2009, celebrates the 10th Anniversary of the great success of the `TEXTECH’ series of exhibition in South Asia, and now CEMS USA in association with CEMS India present the “TEXTECH  Sri Lanka 2010 International Expo” scheduled from March 4 ~ 6, 2010.


Sri Lanka, with its Apparel exports surpassing US$ 5 Billion and accounting for over 70% of the export earnings of the country, is firmly closing the lead in exports of apparels and garments over its competitor countries like India, Bangladesh, and Vietnam, with investments now pouring in the Textile and Apparel sector.


The "TEXTECH Sri Lanka 2010” will a great B2B platform and a unique opportunity to further promote your Technology & Machinery in Sri Lanka. TEXTECH will be a perfect one-stop solution to the visitors and platform for the exhibitors to interact directly with the buyers / importers for a perfect buyer - seller meet and a strong under-one-roof market place for the entire textile & apparel industry of Sri Lanka.


The visitors to the expo will be the entire apparel & textile community of Sri Lanka. So, take advantage of the unique opportunity, meet buyers importers and forge profitable deals. With the industry now seeing firm competition, "TEXTECH Sri Lanka 2010 International Expo” brings to you the perfect opportunity for the investments occurring in Sri Lanka now.


Classification of Exhibits

Machinery for Spinning preparation, Spinning, Machinery for Winding, Texturing, Twisting, Bonding and finishing of Nonwovens and felting, Weaving preparatory machinery, Knitting and Hosiery Machinery, Textile Printing Machinery, Dyeing Machinery, Braiding and Embroidery Machinery, Processing Machinery, Machinery and Accessories for the Making-Up Industry, Handling, Storing and Packing equipment, Equipment for Recycling, Dyes & Chemicals, Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention.


Industrial, Computerized Sewing Machinery, Computer-aided Design systems, Pattern-Making Equipment and Systems, Spreading & Cutting Machines, Die Cutting & Press Cutting Machines, Overlock & Safety Stitch Machines, Quilting Machines, Sewing Machine Devices, Finishing Equipment, Overlock, Embroidery Industrial, Dryers, Laundry Equipments, Steam Iron, Sewing Needles, Accessories required by Garment Industry, Related Equipment, Dyes & Chemicals.

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3rd Meditex Bangladesh 2010 International Expo, Bangladeshs? biggest and ONLY International Exhibition on Medical Equipments, Surgical Instruments, Healthcare, Hospital Equipments & Supplies will be the most prestigious and exclusive International Exhibition devoted to focus on the entire Medical Sector of Bangladesh and  will be a one-stop single platform to showcase from home and abroad the latest developments and emerging technology for the Medical and Hospital Sector of the country.

3rd Meditex Bangladesh 2010 will be the biggest meeting place ever held in Bangladesh for Buyers and Suppliers of Medical / Surgical / Healthcare / Hospital Equipments and will also provide an interactive platform for Exhibitors to generate business through displays / direct interaction and will enhance the synergy effect and attract top level professionals from the Industry thus improving technology, focus and visitors of the expo.


This exhibition is very important for Bangladesh for the Healthcare Industry as it offers an Industry specific showcase of Hospital, Pharmaceutical & Medical Equipment, Healthcare products, solutions and services from leading companies from across the globe. There are also opportunities for various healthcare companies and professionals in the areas of medical training, ambulance services, retirement homes, medical equipment supplies and rural health services. Bangladesh hospital expansion programmes offer enormous scope for medical equipment manufacturers to penetrate the country's lucrative hospital market.


Profile of Exhibits

Medical Equipment / Devices / Disposables / Consumables;  Surgical Equipment & Accessories (Including Implants); Physiotherapy / Orthopaedic Equipment / Prosthesis Material; Electro Medical Equipment & Medical Technology; Diagnostic Equipment / Therapeutic Equipment; Dental Equipment & Supplies; Laboratory Equipment; Professional Wear; Accident & Emergency Equipment/ Rescue & Facilities; Hospital Supplies; Medical / Hospital Furniture; Communication & Information Technology; Control & Automation Systems; Healthcare Providers; Related Services / Technology / Equipment


Support Services, Related Trade Publications & Web portals


About CEMS (The Organizer)

Since its inception in 1992, CEMS, in this span of over 17 years has made a commendable presence in the region as a Multinational Exhibition Organizer with its owned operations in 5 countries & organizing over 25 exhibitions per annum on all important sectors of the trade and economy. With its Global HQ in USA, CEMS carries out its activities from CEMS USA based in New York, its offices ? CEMS India, CEMS China, CEMS Bangladesh, CEMS Pakistan and over 10 Associate offices around the world.


Profile of Visitors

3rd Meditex Bangladesh 2010 International Expo will focus on Target visitors consisting of Professionals, Doctors, CEO?s, Senior Officials, Decision makers and Professionals from the entire Medical, Clinics  and Hospital Industry of Bangladesh; Consultants, Distributors / Importers / Suppliers / Traders; Agencies,  Government Officials, Associations


3rd Meditex Bangladesh 2010 will provide a unique opportunity for industry networking among healthcare manufacturers, suppliers, providers and professionals. Visitors are expected to gather at the Exposition to

è explore the latest innovation and solutions in the Hospital, Medical & Surgical Equipments

èsource for new products

èinteract with leading exhibiting companies from the related arena


Please book your Booth(s)  / Space early to avail the `1st Early Registration? discount.


For any further information or booking of space / booth(s), please visit our Official Website or contact our Offices as per below stated contact details.


We will look forward to your participation and a very successful `3rd Meditex Bangladesh 2010 International Expo? !!



Meditex Bangladesh Team

Organizer : In Association with : Partners : Asia Pacific HQ & Liaison Office: Conference & Exhibition Management Services Ltd. [CEMS Bangladesh] Dhaka, Bangladesh T : +880- 2 - 881 8111 ~ 5 F : +880-2 - 9894573 Mail to : AITE Secretariat , CEMS Bangladesh W : 2nd AITE 2009 Website , CEMS-Global Website

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