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Investing in stock market is help out a company in business which leads to help out of poverty.
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BDStock Overview:

Who We Are: (a) A group of energetic and disciplined professionals who are an integral part of Bangladesh Stock Market Incorporated.
(b) Committed to solely being truthful, genuine, and outstanding in every aspect of our services.
(c) We take great pride in achieving our mission to not only being friendly and respectful to our customers and stakeholders but delivering a truly first class experience - we accept nothing less.

Our Aim, Our Philosophy:

  • (a) Everything we do is solely for our client’s best interests.
  • (b) Our only philosophy is to put your needs first – if you are happy, so are we.
  • (c) We are committed in providing a wide range of resources and expert, objective guidance that’s not driven by commission or conflicts of interest.
  • Full Service ; Full Choice:

  • (a) Whether you are looking for access to CSE or DSE investment and research to help you invest on your own, for investment advice or for an independent financial advisor to manage your portfolio, you will find here- market leading, premier and pioneering services at your fingertips.
  • BDStock Vision:

    1. Market Leading Brokerage

  • (a) To be the market leading brokerage firm in Bangladesh
  • (b) Providing our clients access to a full range of investment products be they stocks, bonds, mutual funds, or CDs

  • 2. Premier Investment Advisers ; Pioneering Financial Planners

  • (a) To be the premier provider of investment advisory services in Bangladesh
  • (b) To provide pioneering financial planning solutions for our clients

  • 3. Comprehensive Solution

  • (a) Sales, Research, Underwriting ,Trading; Asset Management and Consulting
  • (b) For Individuals and Institutions
  • Management Team:

    Chairman / CEO : [Coming Soon] o [ Enter short bio]

    Managing Director: Mohammed Shahed Ali Email:ashahed@bdstock.com

    (a) Mohammed joined BDStock in June 2010 as Managing Director.

    (b) He has considerable investment and capital market experience from the UK having had a number of roles working for the UK Financial Services Authority.

    (c)These include approving debt prospectuses for the UK Listing Authority, working on valuation issues within the Accounting and Audit Policy Team, facilitating the implementation of UK’s Liquidity risk policy for Banks and Investment firms and more recently, working on Solvency 2 Insurance Policy.

    (d) Mohammed also completed internships at the FSA as a ‘Supervisor’ of retail firms and at the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister as an analyst in local government finance.

    (e) Mohammed is an Economics graduate from Warwick University (UK) and has also passed the Investment Management Certificate of the CFA Society of the UK. He is currently pursuing the Chartered Financial Analyst designation of the CFA Institute, having recently sat the Level 3 exams.

    Managing Director: M Kabir Ahmed Email: admin@bdstock.com

    (a) Kabir is a founder of BDStock and pioneer of integrating dynamic stock data information to the Internet through BDStock.com site since 2002 and has been maintaining DSE and CSE market information.

    (b)He received his B.S. degree at Weber State University, UTAH in Information System and Technology with emphasis of Business and Computer Programming.

    (c)Worked for 10 years of system analyst at AOL and over 3 years at Flying J as IT consultant.

    (d)There is a hands-on training received by Kabir as a portfolio manager under the management of Dr. Madsen at Weber State University.

    (e) Over ten years of experience in actively stock trading in US market placed Kabir in learning all the aspect of investments.
    (f) He was involved with several other start-up small businesses.

    (g) Kabir strongly believes and carries certain values to govern business decisions as follow:

  • Act with integrity and fairness
  • Encourage open discussion and debate
  • Create an inclusive environment
  • Recruit, coach, develop, and retain the best people
  • Foster learning, innovation, and change
  • Build strong customer, board, and other key stakeholder relationships

  • Managing Director:

    BDStock Values - What makes us different?

    1. Client First

  • (a) Solely focusing on the needs and desires of our clients.
  • (b) BDStock is committed to deliver a first class client service and experience.
  • 2. Independence

  • (a) We have no corporate agenda, nor do we trade for our own account.
  • (b) This true independence means we can focus exclusively for our clients.
  • 3. Best Execution

  • (a) BDStock treats all clients as equals be they individuals or large institutions.
  • (b) We offer clients market-leading execution service and are best in class in terms of the real cost of execution and market impact.
  • 4. Original Research

  • (a) BDStock is "where research matters".
  • (b) We aspire to produce innovative research that is objective, ideas-driven and grounded in fundamentals with source-based analysis.
  • 5. Innovation and Solution-focussed

  • (a) BDStock is committed to finding fresh insight for investors.
  • (b) We pride ourselves in having an entrepreneurial culture as a catalyst for intellectual curiosity, enabling us to develop independent insight and innovative solutions for our clients.
  • Careers:

  • (a)BDStock welcomes applications from outstanding candidates at any time.
  • (b)BDStock is an expanding independent brokerage offering exciting career opportunities to entrepreneurial people. As a growing firm, we’re interested in talking to people with the relevant experience.
  • Research

  • (a) In addition to our analysis of companies, industries and markets, we also offer quantitative and technical research products.
  • (b) Our analysts build financial models, conduct primary investigation and market their research.
  • (c) They focus on those issues affecting the earnings, valuation, risk profile or pricing of a company, industry or asset class.
  • Sales and Trading

  • (a) Our sales team market our research products to fund managers and institutional analysts. They add value through informed comment and a broad understanding of stocks, sectors and markets.
  • Execution, Operations , Settlements and IT

  • (a) Efficient trading, best execution and settlement is essential to BDStock.
  • (b) Our integrated approach is an important part of our client focus.

  • Direct contact to BDStock.com:

    Email: Admin@bdstock.com
    Email: Webmaster@bdstock.com

    Direct Phone: 801-389-1217

    Direct contact to stock exchanges and SEC are as follows:
    Dhaka Stock Exchange - Bangladesh
    Stock Exchange Building
    9-F, Motijheel Commercial Area
    Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
    Tel : 880-2-9551935, 9666940-49 (PABX)
    Fax : 880-2-9564727
    E-mail : dse@citechco.net

    Chittagong Stock Exchange
    1080, Sk. Mujib Road, Agrabad
    Chittagong, Bangladesh
    Tel : 880-31-714632, 714633, 714100
    Fax : 880-31-714101
    E-mail : cse@spctnet.com
    Securities and Exchange Commission of Bangladesh
    Jiban Bima Tower (15 and 16 Floor)
    10, Dilkusha Commercial Area,
    Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
    Tel : 880-2-9568101 Fax : 880-2-9563721
    Email: secbd@bdmail.net


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