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CSE-ASP 1586.65,-6.34; CSE-30 1457.71,-2.888; DGEN 950.5366, -5.3547; DSE-20 1200.1672; BOL 24.5; UCBL 279.5; MAQEN 19.25; PADCM 4.0; SQTEX 41.6; PDTEX 14.1; HBCM 513.10; SBL 168.0; MHGAR 22.5; ISN 13.6; ISBNK 2600.0 FWCR 107.25; FWFD 11.2; CHTEX 3.2, RHBAL 4.6; CNFCM 130.0; OBL 168.5; ACI 66.0; SEBNK 233.0; ALBL 1640.0, LSCM 121.0; MNFAB 80.0; BXPH 37.5; BHL 7.5; IOL 14.9
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Investing in stock market is help out a company in business which leads to help out of poverty.

Our Vision:

a. To be a leading brokerage firm in Bangladesh by providing our clients a full range of investment products- including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and CDs.

b. To be the premier provider of investment advisory and financial planning services- including sales, research, underwriting and trading for individuals and institutions.

Who we are: a group of energetic and disciplined professionals who are an integral part of Bangladesh Stock Market Incorporated and committed to be only truth, genuine, and outstanding in every aspect of our services. We take pride in an achieving our mission being friendly and respectful to our customers and stakeholders; honest, accurate, clear and complete, and we accept nothing less.

Only Philosophy: everything we do is reflecting by profit and genuine interest of clients' fruitful, which is our only philosophy to put your needs first. We are committed in providing a wide range of resources and expert, objective guidance thatís not driven by commission or conflicts of interest.

Full service and full choice: whether you are looking for access to CSE or DSE investment and research to help you invest on your own, for investment advice or for an independent financial advisor to manage your portfolio, you will find here- the revolutionary services.

A different kind of investing relationship: what really makes us different? Itís our underlying commitment to you-the individual investor- putting your interest first and doing what we can to help you to be successful.

Capital Market of Bangladesh: Two stock markets in Bangladesh, one is named Dhaka Stock Exchange ( DSE) in Dhaka and another one is called Chittagong Stock Exchange ( CSE) in Chittagong. A central regulatory agency which is the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) overseeing the activities of the entire capital market including issue of capital, monitoring the issue of stocks, and operation of the stock markets. The number of listed companies in DSE are 378 of which are shares, 11 debentures, and 9 mutual funds. The listed companies in CSE are 232 with shares, 14 mutual funds and 1 debentures.

How does a well-functioning stock market play a vital role in benefiting for investors, institutional, and companies that promote economic growth as well as GDP?
A liquid stock market induces individual investors and institutional to keep their savings in shares market to make investment less risky and more attractive in profit taking because they allow savers to acquire the capital gains and to sell it as quickly at the least cost in a situation they need to access to their savings or want to alter portfolios. Alternatively, the stock market also provides companies a permanent access to capital raised through equity issues so that companies can expand its infrastructure in services or products to block the market share competitively and allow to be multinational companies, linked up with international companies and financial institutions. More attractively, institutional investors can invest in infrastructure projects in anticipation of long-term revenue and capital gains on shares of market leaders companies. The studies show based on collected data on 47 countries from 1976 to 1993, banking and the stock market liquidity, size, volatility, and integration with world capital market accelerate the current and futures rates of economic growth, capital accumulation, productivity growth, and private savings and they are robustly correlated to real per capita gross domestic product growth.

Direct contact to


Direct Phone: 801-394-3565

Direct contact to stock exchanges and SEC are as follows:
Dhaka Stock Exchange - Bangladesh
Stock Exchange Building
9-F, Motijheel Commercial Area
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Tel : 880-2-9551935, 9666940-49 (PABX)
Fax : 880-2-9564727
E-mail :

Chittagong Stock Exchange
1080, Sk. Mujib Road, Agrabad
Chittagong, Bangladesh
Tel : 880-31-714632, 714633, 714100
Fax : 880-31-714101
E-mail :
Securities and Exchange Commission of Bangladesh
Jiban Bima Tower (15 and 16 Floor)
10, Dilkusha Commercial Area,
Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Tel : 880-2-9568101 Fax : 880-2-9563721

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